The Day of the Appointment


Prepping the Patient


Please have the pet fasted for 12 hours prior to the exam.

A staff assistant will be needed to help restrain the pet.  Depending on the size and temperment of the pet, usually one staff member will suffice.

If the animal is anxious or fractious, sedation ahead of time is recommended to ensure a complete exam and allow for patient comfort. It is often helpful for obtaining fine needle aspirates. Please obtain permission and acceptance of your clinic’s cost of sedation from clients before the exam.  Doctors can use their judgement for amount/type of sedation needed, but please no Dexdomitor for echocardiograms.  Sedation protocols can be provided on request.

For Tru-Cut biopy, normal PT/PTT should be obtained, ideally within 24 hours of the procedure. Full anesthesia is required.

If possible, to allow for as efficient an exam as possible, please have the animal shaved ahead of time. For abdominal ultrasounds, please shave from the xyphoid process to the pelvic bone with wide margins extending laterally over the last 3-4 ribs.


Payment is expected on the day of the procedure, unless prior arrangements have been made.  Check, cash, and most credit/debit cards are accepted.


Dr. Jarrett will provide a verbal assessment of the case immediately after the exam. Board certified specialist reports will be provided next day.  For urgent cases, reports can be provided within 4-6 hours for an extra fee.